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Published on 24/01/2020

We have, from the start in September 2016 (already!) adopted a strict, disciplined approach to time-keeping, starting our meetings promptly at 10.30 and finishing at 11.30, with a coffee or tea afterwards and the opportunity for an informal one-to-one chat with our speaker. It is a matter of some pride in our reputation at U3A DLDK that we have managed to operate on that basis for the vast majority of occasions.

But it also has a practical application relating to Health & Safety regulations which means we have a restricted number of seats available at any one meeting and cannot exceed those limits. To facilitate maximum access and to be fair both to our speakers who give freely of their time, and to our fellow members who make the effort to be on time, we operate on the basis of closing the doors and starting our meetings at 10.30 with no access after the meeting has started. We make no apologies for doing so; this is the fairest and safest policy.