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Age Action 'Getting Started Keep In Touch (KIT)'
Published on 21/05/2021

Getting Started KIT

As part of Age Action's Getting Started digital umbrella we developed the Keep In Touch (KIT) in response to COVID-19.

This remote national learning initiative helps older people improve their digital literacy skills, so they are more connected, informed and supported specifically during periods of social distancing.

Using our specially developed curriculum of eight How to... guides we are offering up to five hours tutoring, by phone, to anyone who feels that they need support with using their smart device. Covering topics like how to set up an email, how to download an app, and how to use video to see your loved ones, learners will be matched with a volunteer tutor who will cover the topics they choose, at their pace. We will also send learners a 40-page learning booklet with lots of smart images to help with tutoring sessions.

For further information about Getting Started KIT remote tutoring classes, please call:

Age Action 01 4756989

Or you can sign up for it at -

Our Contact details
Published on 02/01/2019

We can be contacted via our email address,

Current Steering Group Members - 2023-2024.
Published on 05/11/2023
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Phil Stokes : Chairperson

Tim Jackson : Vice chair/Planning group Chairman

Finola Earley : Secretary

Paul Gallagher : Treasurer

Philippe Hamel : Technical manager/Website

Paul Maguire : Membership secretary

Monica McWeeney : Planning Group

Aideen Ryan : Planning Group

Donal Denham : Special interest groups/Liaison with Age Action and other U3A groups.

All members may be contacted by Email at :

DLDK Survey of members' interest 2022
Published on 26/08/2022

Fifty questionnaires were returned, representing about 30% of the current membership. The gender breakdown is 32 (64%) F, 18 (36%) M which also corresponds fairly closely to the ratio of the membership as a whole.

Preferences :

Of the subjects covered in the series of fortnightly talks a group comprising History, Literature and Current Affairs were somewhat more popular than those relating to Music, Art history and Science-Technology. There was a number of suggestions for topics and speakers for the future.

New special interest groups :

There was a strong support for the establishment of groups relating to visits to galleries/museums, films, and non-fiction books and enough interest to justify a French conversation group.

[In the meantime it has been agreed that there will be additional new groups for Theatre visits, Wine tasting and Walking.]

Organisation :

Respondents expressed little enthusiasm for giving a talk, becoming involved in the Steering Group or helping with the organisation of an interest group.

Zoom :

Members were satisfied with zoom meetings, but were looking forward very much to a return to in-person meetings.

Member after member expressed appreciation and gratitude for the efforts of the Steering Group and the other organisers : "dedication ; wonderful ; terrific job" and so on.

Zoom has helped to maintain contact among members and they find that the wide-ranging and interesting programme of talks provides knowledge, wisdom and entertainment.

In short U3A is a "life saver".

Data Privacy Policy
Published on 28/07/2018

In conformity with Data Protection legal requirements, our Data Privacy Policy may be found under the "Documents" webpage. We request all current and potential members to read it before renewing/taking out a new subscription.